Body Paint & Henna Beauty Course

We teach the basic of body paint and henna, temporary body art course.

Course Period: 5 days

What you get from this course

– Fine Art Drawing Technique and Henna Color History
– Henna Painting in Wide Area
– How to shading for create more dimensions
– Dot Painting and Other Color Shades Painting Technique
– Practice on paper and fake skin
– Final Exam on the real skin for all techniques you learnt during course


Day 1

– Before noon: Learning Color Theory, Design , Art Composition, Body Painting Techniques, and Color & Equipment used with Body Painting
– After noon: Learning how to painting, shading, welding, and controlling colors with paper practice.

Day 2

– Before noon: Learning how to painting, gradient, welding, controlling colors in the practice of shape with 3-level gradient
– After noon: Practice about 3-level gradient

Day 3

– Before noon: Practice about color gradient and welding for at least 2 shades.
– After noon: Practice about color painting with at least 2 shapes.

Day 4

– Before noon: Real practice on real body with 1 shape and 3-level shade of gradient
– After noon: Real practice on real body with 2 shape and 2-level shade of gradient (Students can choose the picture for body paint)

Day 5

– Body painting exit exam before finish this course

– You can practice on the real human skin for all techniques you are learning.
– Quick learners may use time less than 5 days.

Regular Price 4,500 THB

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