Eyebrows Permanent Makeup Professional Course

Learn about eyebrows permanent makeup techniques. How to make it as natural. You’ll learn all of 3D, 6D, 9D and Korean style eyebrows permanent make up.

Trainer: Arfa
Learning Duration: 2 days
(Recall after graduation without more payment)

Course Overview

Day 1 

  1. Eyebrows Design
    – Classic style (Female)
    – Korean style (Male)
    – Men Style
  2.  Theory of human skin layers.
  3. Drawing Technique (On Paper and Fake skin)
    – 3D
    – 6D
    – 9D
    – Korean Style

Day 2

1. Demonstration by Trainer.
2. Equipment sterilizes during tattoo process and after care of tattoo.
3. How to advice the customer.

Notes:  Live model tattoo for trainee who bring model.

Price for this course

Only 15,000 THB
From 22,500 THB

(Tattoo Kit and certificate after graduation)

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