Traditional Bamboo Tattoo Course

This is Thailand's ancient traditional style of tattooing.

Course Outline

- Skin theory
- Skin science , tattoo healing process and after care of tattoo 
- The history of traditional bamboo style tattooing
- The art composition, design, and positioning before tattooing
- Drafting and copying patterns to skin before tattooing
- Colour theory, colour tattoo, colour mixture, and colour value finding which the artist style method
- Cleaning and equipment preparation before, during, and after tattooing process emphasized cleaning and safety standard
- How to give advise and after care of tattoo
- How to design and quick drawing for presentation

What you received for this course

- Tattoo equipment
- Graduation certificate which can use as reference to request for Health Hazardous Business (Tattoo and Piercing) at Department of Local Administration that your business is located.(please refer to your local health /government authority
- Certificate of Knowledge of infected clinical waste destruction and skin theory and safety standards
- Unlimited learning class time period. You can come back to recall without no more payment.
- If you need accommodation, we can find it for you. (Please contact your branch administrator before you come here.)

- This course is available only at Apex Art Bangkok.
- Learn on Saturday and Sunday until you are professional.

Regular Price 43,500 THB
Promotion Price 30,500 THB

 Unlimited learning class hours
 Recall after graduation without more payment