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Our Tattoo Classes

Outstanding tattoo class with excellent services in worthy price

FREE Recall Workshop after finish class without fee

If you forget what you've learned, you can come back to recall for FREE WORKSHOP every month (1 time per month).

FREE TRAINING for cleanness and safety working standard issue

Because we almost pay attention for the issue of cleanness and safety working standard, so we train everyone from every class to reach the standard in real world situation.

Bring you to join tattoo event in Thailand for FREE

Bring you to join tattoo event in Thailand for FREE (Tattoo Contest / Tattoo Convention). You can chat with other experienced tattoo artists, shop for tattoo stuff, or contest the tattoo competition !!

FREE Tattoo Kit

Free tattoo kit, pen machine set or Thai bamboo needle set.

FREE Fake skin and needles for 5 practices in class

FREE Fake skin and needles for 5 practices in class for all course duration

FREE Certificate

Finish the class and pass our tattoo test to get our certificate. Our certificate is not an evidence for class attention but you have to finish and pass our test to get it. Because we concern about the standard of graduated students.

FREE ApexArt Shirt

For glamourous you specially

FREE Snack and Drink

No worry about hungry and thirsty, you can eat or drink during the class. It's self-service.


Because knowledge is not in the classroom only, so we have Free Wi-Fi service for students who need to research more tattoo design and relax music during doing tattoo practice.

Practice with Live Canvas under our trainer’s construction

For outsider if you want to be a live tattoo canvas, the cost will be covered only tattoo stuff and fare for our students only. But we guarantee you’ll get good tattoo job back ! Every step will have construction for our trainer !


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Apex Art – – – – มาเลย…  🚩🚩APEX ART กรุงเทพฯ ซ. นาวงประชาพัฒนา 15 ดอนเมือง #เรียนสักลายกับเรา #มาเป็นครอบครัวเดียวกัน มาเรียนกับเรา มีแต่ได้กับได้ !! คุ้มจริงๆ สอนให้

Block Apex Art

Contact Us

Apex Art Tattoo Studio, Tattoo Learning Institute
Find us at the office
Adress:  179/69 Nawong Prachapattana soi.15, Nawong Prachapattana Road, Srikan Sub-district, Duan Muang District, Bangkok, THAILAND 10210
Class Time 10:00 AM -19:00 PM
Service Time 10:00 AM -20:00 PM
Holiday: Every Monday

Tel : ApexArt 02 073 5759

Contact Us