Learn to tattoo in a minimal style. Which is a simple style tattoo work But with hidden meanings Suitable for customers, especially those women who do not want to get serious. (For those who can’t think of what a minimal style tattoo would look like The illustration below will explain for you.)

Course suit for…

     – Beginners with no drawing skills or tattoo.
     – who have beauty salons And would like to add minimal style tattoo services into the shop.
     – who looking for a career and new career skills Whether doing as a freelance As a supplementary job after work or holiday To the point of wanting to open a tattoo shop.

Learning Duration

15-30 days 

Course Outline

     – Learn to Skin theory.
     – Learn to color theory, color usage, coloring.
     – Learn to work equipment Or each type of tattoo machine.
     – Learn to sketch And designing minimal style.
     – เLearn to Fake Skin for work basic,line, light shadow,Colour, Dot Tatoo,Flick needle.
     – Learn to use computer graphic for ease of operation
     – Training about Consulting Systems before and after tattoo
     – Cleaning and equipment preparation before, during, and after tattooing process emphasized cleaning and safety standard
     – Training on infectious waste and littering with sewage

What you will get are…

1. Pen Machine Tattoo Kit (Free 1 bag)

2. Free Workshop 1 time/month

3. Certificate after graduation can be used as reference to request for Health Hazardous Business (Tattoo and Piercing) at Department of Local Administration that your business is located. (Please refer to your local health/government agency)

4. Free Apexart Shirt.

5. Free Snack and Drink.

6. Training for cleanliness and safety.

7. Bring you to join Tattoo event in Thailand for free.