This machine tattoo course is the combination of four 2018-courses such as professional body tattoo course, basics minimal tattoo course, advanced tattoo artist, and intensive pure drawing. So this course will suit for who need to earn money as a tattoo artist that can work for any tattoo style.

Learning Duration

30-60 days (8 hours/day) or until professional

Course Outline
Section One: Drawing & Tattoo Design

#1 Techniques of Art Composition
1. Learn Techniques of visual art using 8 origin techniques
          – point & dot
          – line
          – colour
          – texture
          – shape
          – form
          – value

     2. Learn Techniques of art organisation that consists of…
          – balance
          – proportion
          – emphasis
          – unity

#2 Techniques of Art Aesthetics

#3 Techniques of Art Criticism

#4 Perspective

#5 Techniques of Drawing
     – Fix Form
     – Free Form

#6 Techniques of Art Creativity and Unique Identity
     – Inspiration
     – Reference Moreover
     – Techniques of speed drawing for design
     – Design your work with computer graphics

Section Two: Tattoo Techniques

Learn about tattoo to be a professional tattoo artist that reach safety & cleanness standard while your clients are also satisfied your work.

     – Training about safety and cleanness during all tattoo process
     – Sharp Outline Technique
      – Coloring Techniques
     –  Smooth Light & Shading Techniques
     – Dot Tattoo Techniques
      –  Minimal Tattoo Technique
     –  Mock up your design by using computer graphic programs like Illustrator and Photoshop
     –  Tattooing of live human models
      – Training about Consulting Systems before and after tattoo

Note:  Our course outline is flexible depends on learner skills before enrollment. If you have some basics skill and need to develop, you can tell our trainers’ directly.

What you will get are…

1. Pen Machine Tattoo Kit
2. Free Workshop 1 time/month
3. Certificate after graduation can be used as reference to request for Health Hazardous Business (Tattoo and Piercing) at Department of Local Administration that your business is located. (Please refer to your local health/government agency)
     – Accommodation Rental Fee for 1 month
     – Interpreter
     – Pick up and send to airport